Kawaii Origami For Kids Kit

Kawaii Origami For Kids Kit

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<head><meta charset="UTF-8" /></head>Kids will have endless fun folding these adorably cute origami paper models

Naoko Ishibashi is Japan's most popular designer of origami models for children, and the 20 models in this kit are all incredibly cute and very easy to fold Most of the models require fewer than 20 steps and can be folded up in minutes using the 48 6" x 6" sheets of paper that are included.

Folding paper animals, cars, boats and planes offers kids a chance to have fun while engaging their minds and developing their motor skills. They get a tremendous sense of accomplishment by folding and playing with these charming models, which look fantastic when displayed

Folding papers and instructions are provided for 20 different models:

  • Cute aquatic animals including a curly-tailed seahorse and a spotted sunfish
  • Adorable mammals including a playful seal and a bashful mouse
  • Other kawaii creatures like an easygoing jellyfish, a pensive owl and slow-but-steady turtle
  • A Chinese junk, a sailboat and a cruise ship, plus a zippy bus, car and airplane
  • And many more